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Ogilvy Social.Lab is not a traditional agency.
We are an agency born for the Social Age.
Ogilvy Social.Lab understands that social is more than just another digital channel.
It is the medium that lives in the palm of our hands, reaching people wherever they are and where they want to be.
Social is the way we live.
It has become the new mass advertising.
Social empowers brands to communicate in a connected way, in the moment, with impact.
Social requires that we rethink the way we approach brand, reputation and influence building.
This new reality calls for a new kind of agency, an agency that challenges traditional marketing & communications by maximizing the potential of data-powered, dynamic integration of media and creativity.
This brave new world needs an agency that is Social at heart.
At Ogilvy Social.Lab we cherish our entrepreneurial spirit and embrace the opportunity to rethink marketing and communications and challenge the status quo.
We want to grow people who embrace the spirit of Social.
We are dedicated to pioneering the new tools, methodologies and practices that are required in this new age.
We are excited about solving business problems in new ways.
We thrive in using Social to generate efficiencies, sales results, change perceptions and increase brand reputation.

Initiated by Yves Baudechon and Gilles Bindels, the partnership between Ogilvy Social.Lab which began in Belgium in 2013 has been very successful and has spread to nine countries around the world, including the USA, France and the UK where Social Lab has become a key part of the Ogilvy offer. 

Ogilvy Social.Lab is not for everyone.
If you are comfortable with very traditional and conventional communications, then we are probably not the best match for you.
But if you are looking for a partner that will challenge the way the majority thinks and walk with you bravely into the new world of marketing and communications ... then we are the perfect fit!
Our commitment - giving you our best, effecting change and delivering results.

Our motto is the best is yet to come.

Bring it on.

Ogilvy | Social.Lab Belgium
Kantersteen 47, 1000 Brussels